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Major Depressive Disorder

Major Depressive Disorder

About Major Depressive Disorder

When you have major depressive disorder, your thoughts and emotions become distorted, so everything makes you feel sad and hopeless. LinqCare Inc. offers expert treatments for major depressive disorder that boost your mood and help you regain happiness. There’s always hope of a full recovery with the proper support no matter how bad depression gets. Call LinqCare Inc. or book a telehealth appointment online today to connect with a skilled therapist specializing in major depressive disorder.  

Major Depressive Disorder Q & A

What is major depressive disorder?

Feeling low after a bad day or getting an attack of the blues is something most people experience now and then. It’s awful while it lasts but usually passes quite quickly. With major depressive disorder (MDD or depression), these feelings are severe and unrelenting.

Depression distorts how you see and interpret your actions and other people’s behaviors. You feel so deeply troubled and despairing that life loses all its joy, and nothing gives you pleasure. The condition leaves you so overwhelmed with sadness and hopelessness that you might believe there’s no way out except taking your own life.

You can’t shake off these emotions, so nothing you do helps. But with expert treatment and support, you can overcome the most severe depression.

What symptoms does major depressive disorder cause?

Major depressive disorder symptoms include every negative emotion, from emptiness and self-loathing to guilt, shame, and anger.

In addition, you might struggle to concentrate, have trouble with your memory, and find it difficult to think clearly. Physical symptoms include headaches, chronic fatigue, digestive upsets, and muscular aches and pains. You might sleep a lot or develop insomnia. Some people lose their appetite, and others eat more, so weight changes are common.

People with major depressive disorder may be unable to work or look after their homes properly. They may neglect their appearance and hygiene, unable to summon enough energy to wash their hair or brush their teeth.

How is major depressive disorder treated?

The LinqCare Inc. team combines talk therapy with medication to help people with major depressive disorder.

Talk therapy

Talking with one of the team’s skilled therapists helps in several ways. They enable you to identify and understand what might have caused or contributed to your depression. They also help you process memories and experiences that weigh on your mind, including ones you might not realize are significant.

In addition, you could benefit from approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT gives you skills that challenge thoughts and ideas that make daily life a struggle.


Antidepressant medications help people with MDD by rebalancing vital brain chemicals. Neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine allow links to form between your brain cells (neurons) vital for brain function. People with MDD typically have low levels of mood-regulating neurotransmitters in their brains.

LinqCare Inc. provides services via telehealth using a secure video link, so you can get the help you need without the stress of leaving home. Call the office or book a telehealth appointment online today to begin your recovery from major depressive disorder.