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Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

About Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a pattern of drug use that causes distress or problems that affects personal and professional relationships. LinqCare Inc. is a telehealth psychiatry and behavioral health practice that provides high-quality care for substance abuse. The team takes an individualized approach, using evidence-based precision medicine with personalized therapy to help you recover from your substance abuse. LinqCare Inc. sees patients nationwide. Schedule your initial telehealth evaluation online or by phone today.   

Substance Abuse Q & A

What is substance abuse?

Substance abuse, or substance use disorder, is the ongoing use of drugs or alcohol to the point that it causes impairment or distress. Substance misuse isn’t the same as drug addiction, but without proper care, it can turn into an addiction. 

Drug addiction is a brain disease that causes you to continue to use the drug despite the harm it causes. With substance use disorder, you may crave the drug or alcohol and have some withdrawal symptoms when you stop using, but you can stop. 

What are the signs of substance abuse?

Knowing the signs and symptoms of substance abuse can help you or your loved one get the help necessary to control their substance misuse, reducing the risk of complications. 

Common signs of substance abuse include:

  • Needing to use more of the drug to get the same effect
  • Wanting to cut down on your use but failing to do so
  • Having cravings for the drug
  • Spending a lot of time getting the drug or recovering from use
  • Using the substance interferes with relationships or work
  • Limiting your engagement in activities to use
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Having withdrawal symptoms when you stop using

Substance abuse may also affect mental well-being, causing anxiety, depression, or irritability. It’s not uncommon for people with a mental health condition to misuse drugs or alcohol as a form of self-medication. 

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance use disorder, the team at LinqCare Inc. can help. They have a short wait time for appointments.

What happens during a substance abuse evaluation?

The team at LinqCare Inc. conducts your initial evaluation through their telehealth platform. They talk about your substance use and how it affects your life. They also ask about your medical and mental health history and may have you complete a psychological test to assess your mental well-being.

The team also has you do psychotropic testing using GeneSight®, a pharmacogenetic test that analyzes clinically important genetic variations that affect how your body uses or metabolizes certain medications.

What are the treatments for substance abuse?

The team at LinqCare Inc. individualizes your substance abuse treatment plan based on the type of substance you misuse, your symptoms, and your underlying mental health issues. Your plan may include medication management and psychotherapy.

Substance misuse affects your physical and mental well-being. Schedule your initial evaluation at LinqCare Inc. online or over the phone today for personalized care from a skilled and compassionate team.